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Baker's Dozen

All In It: British Sea Power's Scott Wilkinson On His Favourite LPs
Richard Foster , March 29th, 2017 09:14

Ahead of British Sea Power's soundtracking of Polish animation at the Barbican as part of Kinoteka Film Festival and the release of new album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, vocalist Scott Wilkinson guides Richard Foster through his favourite albums, from War Of The Worlds to Mighty Sparrow, Pavement and more. Photo by Mayumi Hirata


Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps
I love all the feedback. I really like - and it's not very popular to say these days to be honest - but I like genuine solos and that kind of "going off on one". I think it's brilliant. It can go terribly wrong but that's life really. It's great, and it doesn't happen enough but he does it a lot on there. There's no point curtailing a solo. Then you've got occasionally the other side, the sensitive bit, which is quite a big contrast. He's good at doing what he wants, isn't he? He doesn't really give a shit about other people's ideas on music. He has his aspirations to do something, and he gets really into it and he does it, and he gets bored of it and he stops. [Laughs] Now that sounds easy doesn't it, but it's not. I couldn't do that. He rules the roost doesn't he? It's not going to work if I do that, is it?