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Baker's Dozen

All In It: British Sea Power's Scott Wilkinson On His Favourite LPs
Richard Foster , March 29th, 2017 09:14

Ahead of British Sea Power's soundtracking of Polish animation at the Barbican as part of Kinoteka Film Festival and the release of new album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, vocalist Scott Wilkinson guides Richard Foster through his favourite albums, from War Of The Worlds to Mighty Sparrow, Pavement and more. Photo by Mayumi Hirata


The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico
This one, with Andy Warhol, is fascinating. I find all the stories about it really interesting. The band are all doing something brilliant on that record, too. Then you've got these people who argue about who's doing the producing and it's a really interesting story. I think John Cale got the credit at one point, and then he says he didn't do it, and then the engineers get the credit. And then Lou Reed says it was Andy Warhol, as he'd paid for it. Reed says he let the band set up and the band would play and he'd be in the control room next to the engineer. And Warhol would say, "Doesn't it sound beautiful?" [Laughs] Imagine the engineers… I could be wrong and they could have been exceptional fellows. But engineers normally want to tidy things up and make things like other records they've worked on. Having someone like him there with his weird vibe and his fame, they probably thought, "yeah alright, we'd better leave it". It's a very strange record on all fronts really.