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Charlie Brooker Launches New Black Mirror Series
Yousif Nur , October 13th, 2016 13:55

Writer reveals decision to move show from Channel 4 was made following complications with the broadcaster

Clarification: the quote at the beginning of this article was given to The Quietus at a private reception after the main Q&A event. While we believe this to be clear form the text, we apologise for any inadvertent confusion or misunderstanding.

Writer and broadcaster Charlie Brooker revealed to tQ last night (October 12) that he was “pissed off with Channel 4” regarding the move from the broadcasters to the online platform Netflix for the upcoming new series of Black Mirror.

It quashes rumours that Netflix didn't merely outbid C4 in a reported $40m deal, but it was a move that made sense for Brooker and production company Endemol Shine, as the online platform offered more freedom and creativity with Black Mirror.

Speaking to tQ, he added: “Channel 4 wanted us to go and find American distributors as they wanted to keep the rights to screen it in the UK," going on to explain that while he was unhappy with the acrimonious departure from the broadcaster, he “wouldn’t have a problem working with them again” further down the line.

Brooker also went on to reveal in a public Q&A that he already had episodes written for the next series stating that “I have to keep writing new things all the time, otherwise I’ll just completely drop off.” There are plans to film them in 2017.

Netflix held a screening of an episode from the critically acclaimed Black Mirror in Mayfair yesterday evening which was followed by a Q&A with writer Charlie Brooker, cast member Faye Marsay, director James Hawes and executive producer Annabel Jones.

Brooker confirmed the episode - entitled Hated In The Nation - would be the season finale to series three just before it was screened. Also starring Trainspotting’s Kelly McDonald, it’s a story about an investigation into a string of mysterious deaths of hate figures with a sinister link to social media and surveillance.

During the Q&A, Mica Levi's score for Under The Skin was namechecked as an influence on the series' soundtrack, while Brooker promised an episode involving "a positive use of technology in an episode," signalling a break from the often dystopian nature of the series.

When asked by a member of the audience whether anyone involved in the show had ever been approached about the ideas used in Black Mirror, Brooker replied: “In terms of Hated In The Nation, I didn’t know that initially there would be this project involving [various] quite highly advanced technologies. I read a report the other day about a guy who wrote a chatbot about someone who had died and that it would affect their personality. In fact, we did that in one episode in the previous series of Black Mirror. So we should really be patenting stuff and we’re not.”

If Hated In The Nation is anything to go by, this should be the best series of Black Mirror yet, aided no doubt by an expansion to feature-length 90 minute long episodes, an ability to afford higher production values and access to some stellar acting talent.

All three new episodes will be available to watch on Netflix from October 21.