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Berghain Parties Ruled As 'High Art'
Christian Eede , September 12th, 2016 13:53

The UK could learn a thing or two

In a landmark ruling that the UK could do with taking heed of, the German court has ruled that the extended, famed parties that take place at Berlin's Berghain club should be classed as culture rather than entertainment.

As Der Spiegel reports, the club has won a case in court after it was threatened with a 19% entertainment tax rate rather than the 7% tax rate applied to cultural establishments. Tax officers had said that the culture of dancing meant that it was an entertainment venue while those representing the club said that this rule could also be applied to classical music venues which pay the smaller tax rate.

The ruling ultimately came down in favour of Berghain's argument and so the club will now pay the cultural tax rate.