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Baker's Dozen

Weird Still Spills: Stella Mozgawa Of Warpaint's Favourite Albums
The Quietus , September 7th, 2016 09:21

The Warpaint drummer and prolific collaborator goes from Pharoah Sanders to Joni Mitchell via Steely Dan, Chaka Khan and Primus in collecting her top 13 albums, choosing those that "had altered the course of my life"


Primus – Pork Soda
This one almost missed the final cut but it was an essential part of my adolescence. I bought Pork Soda along with Sailing The Seas Of Cheese after seeing the video for 'Mr. Krinkle' on RAGE a curated, graveyard-shift music show from Australia. In the clip, Les Claypool is standing in the foreground, bowing a double bass and wearing a hideous pig mask. Sold! So at the age of 13, I became a Primus disciple. I bought a double kick pedal so I could play 'Jerry Was A Race Car Driver' and I dreamt of being Tim Alexander. He was my hero. They were my gateway to some incredible music: Tom Waits, Ween, The Police. Like them or not, they were definitely unique. I've met a handful of very surprising, occasionally closeted Primus fans over the years, revered producers and musicians. They bring people together. I know they're touring this year with Alexander and I wouldn't miss it for the world.