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Musicians & tQ Writers On Anti-Fascist Anthems
Luke Turner , October 4th, 2016 08:32

Featuring contributions from Ben Durutti, Penny Rimbaud, Bobby Barry, Jeremy Allen, Ben Myers, Kevin McCaighy, Stewart Smith, Neil Cooper, Matt Evans, Tony F Wilson, Leo Chadburn, Emily Mackay, David Bennun, Phil Harrison, Arnold De Boer, Joel McIver, Russell Cuzner, Jeremy Bolm, John Doran, TV Smith, James Sherry, Jonathan Meades, Tristan Bath, JR Moores, Julian Marszalek, Captain Sensible, Andy Moor, Christine Casey, Nic Bullen and Stewart Lee


Blaggers ITA – ‘That's Where It Ends’

The Blaggers are best described as the house band for Anti-Fascist Action – an independent organisation made up of separate antifa groups which was active from 1985-1995. Disillusioned with the ineffectiveness of the SWP-associated Anti-Nazi League, AFA's main directive was squadism and it's that ethic which informed the Blaggers' style. Featuring a spokenword verse from Mensi of redoubtable anti-fascists Angelic Upstarts, ‘That's Where It Ends’ is from the Blaggers' career-defining 1993 album United Colors Of Blaggers ITA. Featuring sampling of PE and the Blaggers’ usual dub/ska/punk/rap crossover redolent of The Ruts and mid-career Clash, it culminates in a stark reminder of the ultimate horrific consequence of unchecked fascism.
Ben Durutti