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Baker's Dozen

Raw Takes: Richard Fearless's Favourite Tracks
Joe Clay , May 25th, 2016 08:24

Before the release of their sixth album this week and appearance at Atonal in Berlin this August, the Death In Vegas head honcho, producer and DJ scours the fruits of his record-collecting history and picks 13 tracks that have informed Transmission for Joe Clay


Ike Yard – 'Loss'
Absolutely brilliant. The Regis mix has been in my record box for a long time. I lived in New York for seven years – after Satan's Circus I got dropped, so I put Death In Vegas on hold – I went to art college to study photography. While I was there I put together a band, Black Acid. It was an interesting time on a lot of different levels. I discovered a lot of music that I hadn't heard first time round. Ike Yard was one of them. I love the looseness of it, but it's also so stripped down. It's like Factory Floor. That syncopated, one or two-note part that's holding it together as everything else is falling apart around it, which sounded a little bit like my life!

I did a bit of DJing in New York, but the scene was terrible. It wasn't really where I was at, but I was also playing a bit in Detroit and Chicago. But then I met Oliver [Ackermann], who was the singer and guitarist in A Place To Bury Strangers, and he joined Black Acid. That scene was really healthy – the out-of-town live music scene. But the New York I'd fallen in love with in the movies didn't really exist. This was post 9/11, during the Giuliani clean-up. I liked what was around New York more. I spent a lot of time in Catskills. But it was a fantastic time to study. When I was at college in my 20s, I was putting on club nights and I had a record deal, but as an older student it was a most enjoyable experience.