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Baker's Dozen

Raw Takes: Richard Fearless's Favourite Tracks
Joe Clay , May 25th, 2016 08:24

Before the release of their sixth album this week and appearance at Atonal in Berlin this August, the Death In Vegas head honcho, producer and DJ scours the fruits of his record-collecting history and picks 13 tracks that have informed Transmission for Joe Clay


Chris & Cosey ‎– 'October (Love Song)'
I wanted there to be one song on Transmission that had a pop feel and that was 'Consequences Of Love'. Chris & Cosey have remixed it and delivered this insane Euro monster, which is fantastic. They've always had that great twisted pop element to what they did and there's the obvious links to the electronics and Sasha's… career. [Throbbing Gristle's] 'Hot On The Heels Of Love' is even more of a sonic reference, but I wanted to have a Chris & Cosey track on here as their dynamic is something I aspire to.