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Baker's Dozen

Raw Takes: Richard Fearless's Favourite Tracks
Joe Clay , May 25th, 2016 08:24

Before the release of their sixth album this week and appearance at Atonal in Berlin this August, the Death In Vegas head honcho, producer and DJ scours the fruits of his record-collecting history and picks 13 tracks that have informed Transmission for Joe Clay


Gunnar Wendel – '578 (Omar S. Berlin Mix)'
I can remember hearing this track when I was in the studio with Andrew [Weatherall]. I was making Trans-Love Energies at the time. It's one of those tracks you hear every now and then as a producer that makes you kind of... driven. It's an inspiring song. I wouldn't want to try and imitate it, but it's nice to hear that people are pushing music in that way. I investigated Omar S. a bit more and got really into his label. I found out about Luke Hess's involvement and the way they worked together. Luke Hess did a remix of my last single with DJ Richard. I interviewed Luke for the Ransom Note. I quizzed him about working with Omar S., finding out about his world. There are some amazing producers coming out of Detroit now.