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Rigour And Play: Laurie Anderson's Favourite Films
Mat Colegate , January 22nd, 2016 09:27

On a recent visit to London the performance artist, director and musician took time out to talk about her 13 favourite films with Mat Colegate


The Ten Commandments (Cecil B. Demille, 1956)

It was something that really impressed me when I saw it as a kid. I thought it was the most amazing spectacle. I was just looking at the trailer and the parting of the Red Sea was so well done! It looks really contemporary. Charlton Heston - much as I despise him - is a really good Moses. Also I love the story. It's kind of inspiring. Although I will say that Moses is a little too heroic in this. In the accounts of the exodus that I really like Moses is not convinced that it's a good thing to do. He's like: “You people are not really ready to be free. You're slaves with a slave mentality so this looks like a mistake. I'm not really ready to be your leader and will probably mess it up. And where are we going anyway?” But what I love about that story is that they do it anyway. I find that really inspiring. Yul Brunner's great in that movie too - he looks like he's made of bronze.