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Porn To Do It: Erika Lust's Cinematic Bakers Dozen
Mat Colegate , November 17th, 2015 09:06

Feminist pornographer Erika Lust picks 13 films and TV shows that have influenced her unique approach to the erotic. Slightly NSFW


Blue Is The Warmest Colour (Le Vie d'Adele) (Abdellatif Kechice, 2013)

When I watched the famous 8-minute sex scene in La Vie d'Adele I was curious because of the controversy it had raised: was it real sex or not? Were the actresses wearing any kind of prosthesis? Then at a certain point I gave up: who cared! As a viewer, I believed in what I was looking at. The most beautiful, romantic, yet veracious lesbian sex scene I had ever seen in mainstream cinema. I was at a movie theater in the suburbs and I could feel a few people in the audience getting pretty uncomfortable with the explicitness in front of them. But the sex scenes in La Vie d'Adele are totally pertinent, because they are also narrating the path of the love story: Why would the director censor such an important side of the storytelling? I admit that I grabbed some inspiration from Adele's first masturbation scene for the mise en scene of My Roomie's Toy, an XConfessions short film where a young woman fantasies with her roommate.