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Porn To Do It: Erika Lust's Cinematic Bakers Dozen
Mat Colegate , November 17th, 2015 09:06

Feminist pornographer Erika Lust picks 13 films and TV shows that have influenced her unique approach to the erotic. Slightly NSFW

Born in Sweden but based in Barcelona, Erika Lust started making pornography in 2004 with her indie short The Good Girl.

" I started because the porn I had seen was so joyless and unimaginative. Where was the attention to the woman's needs, and in extension to my needs? I thought, surely sex is much more exciting than that! That's why I decided to create the kind of adult films I wanted to see myself."

The immediate success of her début gave her the confidence to attempt a film career and four award winning features have followed - Five Hot Stories For Her, Barcelona Sex Project, Life Love Lust and Cabaret Desire - as well as her XConfessions series, in which members of the public nominate their own sexual fantasies to be acted out in front of the camera.

"With XConfessions the schedule is tight because the production output is heavy. I take part in every working role within the production team at some point! No matter how much planning we do, something unexpected always happens. So even though I get in total director mode, of course I am happy to bring cups of coffee, or fetch a blanket for someone, hold a hose to make fake rain for a scene, whatever needs doing. I have a very anti-hierarchical team! We all help each other out, and that's the way I like it."

When asked how her take on pornography differs from more mainstream expressions, she replies:

"You can expect to see obvious consent, an emphasis on female pleasure, and representation of marginalized groups.

My films incorporate women's lust, so you'll see women that are subjects of pleasure and not just objects of desire. I strive to show both men and women as complex sexual individuals with their own exciting stories and desires. That along with fair pay and a safe working environment is something that empowers performers. The viewers in turn get empowered by getting an alternative to the porn norm. And there's a real hunger for that!

Many women, and men for that matter, look for realism, creativity and a narrative to their films. Many want to see interesting characters and follow the exciting story lines that lead to sex - not just the gynaecological shots. That's why feminist porn, just like feminism itself, is not just for women but for everyone!"

Erika took time out of her schedule to pick an erotically charged Baker's Dozen of her favourite films (and a few TV shows) for The Quietus. You can see the results by clicking on the picture below.

For more information on Erika and her films go to her NSFW website here