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Baker's Dozen

Again, Melancholy: Sarah Cracknell's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , November 4th, 2015 03:40

Off the back of releasing her second solo LP, Red Kite, the singer-songwriter and Saint Etienne member diligently jogged her memory, picked her 13 top records and made annotations. She talks Gary Kaill through her notes


The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
I like it so much for how it uses strange sounds and instruments and the fantastic harmonies. But what I find most compelling is the production. I get that a lot with music: strange sounds and production techniques and I'm immediately attracted to it. I like things that sound a bit odd and Brian Wilson was just the king of that, wasn't he? I don't actually know how long he spent on Pet Sounds but you can tell a lot of work has gone into it. Again, another genuine eccentric. Slightly mad, actually, in his case, I think. Comes out in the music. I know that everything that's worth saying about this has probably been said, but it's still quite incredible.