Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

7. Elvis CostelloMy Aim Is True

You know, I was a closet Elvis Costello fan for years and then discovered that my husband was also a closet Elvis Costello fan. So I thought we should get out of the closet. So out of the closet we got. Yeah. My Aim Is True was quite important to me when I was young – about ten or whatever. My best friend’s name was Alison and I was hugely envious that she had this song, this perfect song, with her name as the title. It’s such a fabulous, heart-wrenching song. If you put this album on, I’ll sing along with every word. I know every word and I think that means, for me anyway, it’s just great songwriting. I do know and like some of his other stuff but it’s all about which ones meant something to you at a particular point in time. So, for me, this is the one I really know and remember. You know, girls tend to grow up a little bit quicker than boys and so it was just at that time I was starting to look at boys, and songs like ‘Alison’ touched me in a way. I got it. It was a change in me at that point.

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