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Baker's Dozen

Again, Melancholy: Sarah Cracknell's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , November 4th, 2015 03:40

Off the back of releasing her second solo LP, Red Kite, the singer-songwriter and Saint Etienne member diligently jogged her memory, picked her 13 top records and made annotations. She talks Gary Kaill through her notes


T. Rex - Electric Warrior
Most people pick Slider, don't they? Which is great and also brilliant. He's the perfect pop star. Who knows what he would have done had he not died young? I first heard him when I was very young, a proper kid. I'd dig out his really early stuff and fire it up on my mum's Disc-Jockey Junior. He just ticked the right boxes for a kid, you know? It's quite cartoon-like, the really early stuff. And then when he went more glam and that whole style started to emerge, that's when I started to take Marc Bolan more seriously. He's so beautiful, as a man. He dressed so well and wore this wonderful sparkly make-up. And he wore a feather boa - I'm quite partial to a feather boa. I just fell in love with him, basically. Not, you know, properly. I was probably a bit too young, but he was so captivating on the telly. Such a genuine eccentric. 'Jeepster' is great and 'Get It On' is great but he was also good at melancholy songs, too. Not sad, but melancholy, which is far more interesting.