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Baker's Dozen

Again, Melancholy: Sarah Cracknell's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , November 4th, 2015 03:40

Off the back of releasing her second solo LP, Red Kite, the singer-songwriter and Saint Etienne member diligently jogged her memory, picked her 13 top records and made annotations. She talks Gary Kaill through her notes


Carroll Thompson - Hopelessly In Love
I've always liked lovers rock, that whole West London feel, but I never really knew anything about the genre or the scene. But I was out one day walking around the record shops and I saw this album and the cover just struck me. She's there, sat on the bonnet of a car, looking so cool and wearing what's probably real fur, looking great. There's this song called 'I'm So Sorry', which I just fell in love with and played over and over again. But since getting into it, I've spoken to people who know about this stuff and it's considered pretty seminal and it's actually a really important lovers rock record. So, yeah, despite all of that, I bought it on the strength of the cover, so there you go! It has got that distinct London feel, lovely high-pitched singing and broken-hearted sentiments.