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Baker's Dozen

Again, Melancholy: Sarah Cracknell's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , November 4th, 2015 03:40

Off the back of releasing her second solo LP, Red Kite, the singer-songwriter and Saint Etienne member diligently jogged her memory, picked her 13 top records and made annotations. She talks Gary Kaill through her notes


Soul II Soul - Club Classics Vol. One
This is another one I put on the list and then decided I should probably listen to it again first just to make sure I wasn't going mad or something. So this takes me back again. I'd gone to drama school in 1988 and I was living in a flat in Boston Manor near Ealing, and I used to have all the people from college round every night of the week, practically. I had a party flat. You know how someone always has the party flat? It was me. And this was what we used to dance to and of course budding young actors all love to dance and show off. To me, it was quite a new sound: quite poppy, bit of soul, a bit R&B, a bit hip-hop, lots of beats. It's still being ripped off today, so there's the measure of it. And Caron Wheeler had such a great voice. They were this really cool collective. They did clothes and other things, and there was this big gang of them and I kind of liked that. My friend went to see them not so long ago because they've been doing gigs in the past few years and she said that it was great.