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Baker's Dozen

Music Is Not Sport: Nils Frahm's Favourite Albums
Karl Smith , September 10th, 2015 14:05

Before he releases his Late Night Tales compilation, the pianist, composer and new classical ("I never liked it, but I'm stuck with it now; give me something cool like 'neo jazz'") pioneer gives Karl Smith a tour of his favourite overlooked records, by musicians "that deserve a little afterglow"


Carl Oesterhelt & Johannes Enders - Divertimento für Tenorsaxophon und Kleines Ensemble
This also ended up on Late Night Tales. They are the guys from The Notwist, the Weilheim scene - I love the Weilheim scene; it was good for German music export, it's one of the few German music exports I'm really proud of. And they didn't even sell 500 vinyl, I don't think - but that record is a German jazz classic! Just the drum arrangements, and the saxophone sound, the production: just everything. It should be a classic; everyone should rave about it! But it's overlooked - problems with the label maybe, Alien Transistor is a really small label.

It's an undiscovered classic, really. Everyone: please listen to it.