Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

6. The NecksSex

This one is a classic, I think. A lot of people know The Necks, fortunately, but I think that record… such an awkward title, right? Sex. But who has sex for 56 minutes? Not many people.

But it really is great. I put it on repeat sometimes and listen to it the whole day. That’s a lot of sex. And then you just, you never know when it starts, when it stops – I like their work a lot but this record is really the best idea they ever had. They always like long pieces and long arrangements, but this sounds – it has no length, it’s music without time because it’s just the same chord over and over, the same loop but it always differs a little bit. It’s like watching the ocean, you know? Another wave and another wave; you feel like it’s the same wave, but it’s not, they’re all different. But you never get tired of it: you come back the next day and you want to watch the ocean again. That’s the kind of feeling I have with that record: the human condition they’ve put into that record. It’s much more than an actual loop.

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