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Baker's Dozen

Music Is Not Sport: Nils Frahm's Favourite Albums
Karl Smith , September 10th, 2015 14:05

Before he releases his Late Night Tales compilation, the pianist, composer and new classical ("I never liked it, but I'm stuck with it now; give me something cool like 'neo jazz'") pioneer gives Karl Smith a tour of his favourite overlooked records, by musicians "that deserve a little afterglow"


The Caretaker - An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
The Caretaker. [takes a sharp intake of breath] Man, he's fantastic. And, really, he was basically just remixing: I guess he must have seen The Shining - that weird, reverby, distant gramophone music - and just loved it so much that he shut off the movie and started recording gramophone music in different rooms and chopping it up.

I'd love to get some more vinyl, but it's all sold out. I have it on mp3 and CD. It's also the best pre-show music; you create such a weird atmosphere by putting this old music into these old rooms. It's a genius idea, you know? The original Shining idea, Stanley Kubrick came up with that - but somebody else had to really make it into something else.

Someone please re-issue it.