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Baker's Dozen

Mitchellin Man: Destroyer's Favourite Albums
Merek Cooper , August 12th, 2015 10:32

Before he releases his new album Poison Season later this month, Destroyer's Dan Bejar places a call to Merek Cooper to talk to him about saxophones, heroin and going through a seven-year Joni Mitchell phase


John Phillips - Jack Of Diamonds
Jack Of Diamonds sounds like an unfinished record. It's super messed up with a lot of weird songs that are just variations on each other. The vocal's mixed super loud. He's got this sinister but very dry delivery. I like how abandoned it sounds. It's so loose and dark but still really poppy.

A lot of songs on here could even be Destroyer songs - lyrically there's definitely some similarities. There's even a song called 'Chinatown'.

Yeah, it worries me about myself that I'm so attracted to this music. I just love records by people completely consumed by heroin, which is definitely John Phillips' vibe in the 70s. There's something about the heroin vibe that I'm all over (laughs)!

Which record is your heroin vibe album?

Unfortunately I don't really have one of those. It's gonna be my great undoing that I put myself first and chose not to be completely ravaged by heroin.