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Baker's Dozen

Winners' Music: Daniel Patrick Quinn's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , May 21st, 2015 09:11

Island-dwelling outsider musician and One More Grain brain Daniel Patrick Quinn tells us about his 13 favourite albums from Suede to Fela Kuti, Nico to Robert Wyatt and Gamelan to ELO, plus the sound of a snipe drumming, and wonders whether he'd have sexual feelings for Jeff Lynne were he a woman.


Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom
What a wonderful voice. And the little keyboard he used that drones dreamily through the album and, I think, on his later release Dondestan. There's no one-upmanship with this sort of stuff. Funnily enough though, it makes everything else sound phoney and contrived by comparison. There are brilliant tracks on all of his albums, but this is just in a class of its own.