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Psychedelic Thread: Gaz Coombes' Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , April 23rd, 2015 10:36

With an upcoming UK tour and an appearance at Field Day coming in the wake of his second album Matador, the former Supergrass man gives Julian Marszalek a tour of his top 13 LPs


Patti Smith - Horses
I'm so excited about being on the same bill as Patti Smith at Field Day! I think it's going to be fucking brilliant as well. I think she's going to be amazing. You can sometimes be disappointed because of all the baggage and preconceptions that an artist can bring from back in the day but I think she'll be a killer. She's going to be all over it and I'm really excited.

But yeah, this album was a massive mainstay in our tour bus and throughout our working life and it still is now. I always wanted our band to sound like Patti Smith Group - they've got the piano, they've got the hard and fast edgy guitar, the bass… that's how I wanted Supergrass to sound like. How close did we come to achieving that? Well, there were the odd songs where we had that energy where Danny [Goffey] was on drums and keeping quite simple 4/4 beats and punky beats but without having screaming and distorted guitars all over the place. We had those moments of guitar, bass, piano and drums and we had that energy. I mean, can you imagine Sex Pistols with a piano? And that's what Patti Smith Group did so brilliantly - they had that raw energy. They had that piano but it wasn't used in that flowery way. It's a bit like how Bowie used piano in that rhythmic way.

This record is an utter classic. That moment in 'Horses' where it all kicks off, I think we've searched to write our own version of that over the years. It's like, 'Woah! Take me away!'