Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

13. Brian EnoHere Come The Warm Jets

This goes back a long time for me. This was a real defining record for Supergrass around ’95 when we were first starting out. It was on the tour bus all the time and I remember our tour manager at the time really loving it. He’d wake us up every morning knocking on our door going, ‘baby’s on fire!’, doing this mad Eno impression and that would always lift us up and make us laugh. There were so many lyrics that we’d sing at each other. I’d meet Danny and go, ‘Cindy tells me…’

It had this really long lasting effect on us. It’s brilliant, just brilliant. It’s Eno being kind of clever but dumb, sophisticated but raw and I think it’s brilliant. I love his voice and the double-tracking on it and I think it ended up being quite an iconic sound. It’s very unique. And for all of his technical ability, I love that he plays dumb on some of these tracks, you know, like on ‘Needles In The Camel’s Eye’ and the guitars are big, filthy, dirty and horrible things. I love it.

We almost did work with Brian Eno. We had a meeting with him in Paris before Diamond Hoo Ha and I can’t remember exactly what happened but I think our timing schedules didn’t work out. It was something frustrating that meant we couldn’t work with him. It’s weird one. It’s kind of like, are they different Brian Enos? Is it a danger to confuse the Here Come The Warm Jets Brian Eno thinking that he was going to walk into a studio with us and create something that gives you that feeling because he’s a different person now. I think he’s amazing and he’s proved to be still a musical force. An incredible guy and he was a really lovely chap when we met him.

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