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GALLERY: Rowan Bulmer
Valerie Siebert , January 30th, 2015 15:44

In 2012, Tahita Bulmer of NYPC discovered masses of contact sheets of her father Rowan's photographs of the big names of Swinging London: Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Elton John and more among them. Here, Rowan talks Val Siebert through ten of our favourites. Photographs courtesy of Rowan Bulmer


Ronnie Wood and Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck. Loved fast cars. I always think about him having funny turns and we were constantly having to take him to hospital. The doctors would think he was on drugs but he swore blind that wasn't the case. He used to play with the interval group at Eel Pie Island, The Nightshift, maybe, or something All Stars. I can remember seeing him and was completely blown away. Everyone was. At this point I was managing The Tridents. They had asked me to. I always tried to get them to change their name as I hated it so much.

I asked Jeff to be in The Tridents and he jumped at the chance. After that the only thing that The Tridents really needed to be great was a singer. One of Giorgio Gomelsky's bands, god he had so many, had a great singer. Brian was the guy's name and we were friends. So I said to Brian, 'Do you want to sing with the Tridents?' And he said 'Yes I'd love to'. Giorgio and I were really close. We used to go out drinking every Friday, Saturday. Anyway when Giorgio heard about me poaching Brian he was very upset and said he never wanted to see me again. And his revenge on me was to poach Jeff in the end from The Tridents to The Yardbirds because my other mate Eric Clapton had left.  I wasn't such a great manager and they had sacked me by that point. 

Anyway, Ron Wood used to play in a band called The Birds and they were on at the 100 Club every Thursday night and we also played every Thursday with The Tridents, so that's how they first met. This is the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart at the Marquee Club and Chris Barber couldn't resist hopping on stage and playing. The whole of the club cheered and went mad for it. He wasn't part of the group or anything, but he would just hop up.