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Baker's Dozen

Burnt Ends: Slackk's Favourite Albums
Oli Marlow , October 2nd, 2014 13:46

The Liverpool-via-London grime producer and Boxed co-founder released his debut album, Palm Tree Fire, last month. Now, he talks Oli Marlow through his favourite records, taking in LPs, mixtapes, pirate radio sets and magazine cover-mounts. Slackk photograph courtesy of Mehdi Lacoste


Geeneus - Dumpvalve Recordings CD for Deuce mag
To be honest there's a couple of reasons why I picked this. I was talking to Logos about this because he uploaded some set from his private stash to us and it's got Riko and Geeneus and maybe Flowdan on it? Anyway, there's that Triton sound, the AMS Feedback Lead, which is the Waifer bassline and obviously that's one of my favourite noises of all time - it's one of the best grime noises of all time - but Geeneus also executed it as his bass sound quite a lot although he wasn't necessarily as renowned for it as Waifer was. So Logos is talking about it saying, "I view Geeneus as the real Triton king" and I was fucking fuming [laughs]. But yeah I wanted to include this because it's 2003 and it's pure weird instrumentals; I feel like when people say that the sound that's going on at the moment harks back to certain bits - which it does and there's no bones about that because everything references itself - but this is the CD that's representative of the sound. To me the Dumpvalve sound has got a lot more to do with what's going on than people give credit for. People will automatically go, oh yeah it's 'Pulse X' or some bait Wiley tunes that's an influence, or it's this and it's this, but you're only saying that because you don't actually know what the music is; like those are your reference points.

There's loads of tunes on this that are representative of what's going on now but also this could've been played as an instrumental thing back then and it still would've worked for me. I think this is either early 2004 or late 2003 and to me it's a pure rave set and you could quite easily listen to this era of music without the MCs, or I certainly could at least.