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Baker's Dozen

Multiple Furgasms: Daniel O'Sullivan's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , August 14th, 2014 12:19

With Grumbling Fur's new album Preternaturals out this week as the Quietus Phonographic Corporation's second release, Daniel O'Sullivan, one half of the magickal duo and prolific multi-instrumentalist, sits down to pen us his Baker's Dozen


Javanese Court Gamelan
I was obsessed with this record when I was making music with Guapo. Particularly around the Black Oni and Elixirs records. I've always been attracted to devotional music but at this point everything had to be enormous. I envisioned Guapo to be the sonic equivalent of Fitzcarraldo. Irrepressible early twenties ego in full effect, as it should be. I wanted to include a Magma record but with them it was more about the live experience, which is still an unrivalled apex. The sound here seemed so dilated and stretched, every particle coated in ambrosia. Voices suspended in revolving, unresolving aether. Liquid golden tapestries. Microtonal music never really entered my trajectory until it was presented to me in this form. It led me towards Harry Partch's Delusion Of The Fury and Gamelan Son Of Lion which are dearly beloved also.