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Liverpool Psych Fest: Barberos & More
Laurie Tuffrey , July 22nd, 2014 11:39

Gimp-suited crackpots unveil details of immersive performance at September event, plus Moodoïd and Strange Collective added to bill

Just when you thought the Liverpool Psych Fest had psyched you right out, along come four lycra-clad oddballs banging on about electromechanics, herbalism and temples to prove you wrong. Barberos will be gracing the stages of their hometown's Camp & Furnace venue come festival time - September 26-27 - for a new immersive piece called LOLA. What does it involve you ask? Well... "The daughter of The General stands before the arches of the 9th temple, flanked by the Imperium Robot foot soldiers of Barberos. Never before has a female bionic imbibed of the sacred herb of the Deus Ex Machina and partaken in the masculine ritual of transformation where machine becomes flesh and electromagnetic pulses entwine with the divine consciousness. The relentless psychedelic pounding of Barberos will guide her heartbeat as the organic exoskeleton reaches deeper inside her and becomes manifest. As she transcends the robot form, her wires will gush with the life blood of the universe and her mind will erupt into sentience like exploding flora. There has been no forerunner, she knows not what may happen to her, but there must be a new leader, and she will take us all with her…"

Frankly, we'd say that if you're not content with seeing a robot become a human, you need to reevaluate your life aspirations a touch, but nonetheless, the festival have also added Moodoïd and Strange Collective to the line-up, which already packs in Teeth Of The Sea, Goat, White Hills, Satelliti and more. Weekend tickets and accommodation packages are still available, so head to the festival's website to get hold of them, and listen to Barberos' track from their split with Ultra Zook from last year below: