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Baker's Dozen

Time Capsules: Bob Stanley Selects His Favourite Compilations
Laurie Tuffrey , July 10th, 2014 10:09

Soon to appear at this month's Deer Shed Festival, the Saint Etienne man and pop historian picks out 13 prime compilations from his record collection for his self-penned Baker's Dozen


Fading Yellow
It has become harder to find obscure 45s that are worth anthologising. Putting them together in a new way, so creating a new genre out of music from the past, that's really hard. A guy in Sweden called Jörgen Johansson put this out - the tracks all have a minor chord melancholy, a definite baroque feel. Nobody was really looking for them, or grouping them together, before Fading Yellow started up, around ten years ago, but this is a definite genre of its own - English Baroque, maybe, things influenced by 'Eleanor Rigby', or early Bee Gees, with a hint of psych and bags of tunes. I think he's up to volume 15 now.