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Baker's Dozen

Time Capsules: Bob Stanley Selects His Favourite Compilations
Laurie Tuffrey , July 10th, 2014 10:09

Soon to appear at this month's Deer Shed Festival, the Saint Etienne man and pop historian picks out 13 prime compilations from his record collection for his self-penned Baker's Dozen


Girls Go Zonk!!
A label called Impact released a few girl group compilations in the eighties, which put me onto this sound, and I was obsessed with it. I was probably a bit backward for a 21-year-old, and these keening teenage lyrics really moved me, I found them entirely relatable. One of the comps was called Stop Look Listen which had a photo of the young Tracey Emin on the cover. For once, I'm not going to pick the first album I heard - Girls Go Zonk!! came out around ten years ago, and I didn't think I'd ever hear such a great collection of 45s I didn't know. The (kind of) title track - Donna Loren's 'So, Do The Zonk' - is weirdly lazy and aggressive; there's a Harry Nilsson song called 'The Next Day' by Debbie Burton about a schoolyard fight, and Jamie Carter's 'The Boy With The Way' is terrifying, Shangri-Las intensity times five, she sounds so obsessed.