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Baker's Dozen

Take It From The Man! Anton Newcombe's Favourite Tracks
Julian Marszalek , June 26th, 2014 10:45

With The Brian Jonestown Massacre's UK and Ireland tour in support of recent LP Revelation starting in Brighton on Saturday, the band's frontman shirks the album rundown request, opens up his DJ bag and gives Julian Marszalek a top 13 songs mixtape


David Bowie - 'Wild Is The Wind'

I see Bowie [these days] kind of doing like a Ringo Starr sort of thing. Ringo's like, "Look, I signed millions of autographs and I'm not fucking doing it! Sorry!" and I love him for that. And Bowie's kind of doing his own thing, probably. He's always had his ear to the ground and lifting all those styles and incorporating them. I have so much respect for that guy in a lot of different ways.

Here's another artist where I could have picked anything; I could've jumped in right at that moment and said, "This is my favourite Bowie record" because he's a man that's produced albums. I even enjoy Station To Station as an album. Everybody says Low and I love that and I love all these albums so much, but his version of 'Wild Is The Wind' is emotionally amazing. What it does to me, the listener, is that it kicks it up a level and it kicks it up a level from Nina Simone's version which I love. He makes it believable to me in this weird operatic way. It has the same effect like I was watching an opera and just get caught up in the story and believe that Romeo and Juliet are two people in love and not just two actors on stage. It's a suspension of disbelief.