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Baker's Dozen

Take It From The Man! Anton Newcombe's Favourite Tracks
Julian Marszalek , June 26th, 2014 10:45

With The Brian Jonestown Massacre's UK and Ireland tour in support of recent LP Revelation starting in Brighton on Saturday, the band's frontman shirks the album rundown request, opens up his DJ bag and gives Julian Marszalek a top 13 songs mixtape


Fabio Viscogliosi - 'Il Nostro Caro Angelo'

I ended up DJing with my friend, the French rock photographer Richard Bellia, in Switzerland recently and we were doing song-for-song and this guy has insane tastes in music. He just carries a little box of 45s with him and he came there to fully kick my ass DJing!

The only person I chicken out of doing this with is Andy Votel - he asked me to do it with him in Berlin and I said, "No way. You're too good." See, Andy would have everything that I have and he's going to have something I don't have so I'm going to be left playing some B-52s song or whatever. He's too good with everything!

But Richard had this single in his box and it immediately caught my ear. I was like, "What is this?" because to me it had the sensitivity of Elliot Smith and there was something that I recognised in it - this softness and a vulnerability in the song. I looked Fabio up but there wasn't too much information in English except that he'd worked with Blonde Redhead, which is OK in my book because those guys are a trip. Blonde Redhead always keep their distance from me. I remember this one time I was backstage and I went to talk to Kazu Makino and the twins [Simone and Amedeo Pace] just formed a gate in front of me on either side like cartoon royal guards; it was just bizarre! They've both dated her which I find absolutely bizarre. But however that works into their art is just phenomenal and I'd like to hear more from them in the future if they're not done.

But I've found out absolutely nothing about Fabio. I think he's French-Italian and any time I play that song they really like it, which is cool.