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Baker's Dozen

Take It From The Man! Anton Newcombe's Favourite Tracks
Julian Marszalek , June 26th, 2014 10:45

With The Brian Jonestown Massacre's UK and Ireland tour in support of recent LP Revelation starting in Brighton on Saturday, the band's frontman shirks the album rundown request, opens up his DJ bag and gives Julian Marszalek a top 13 songs mixtape


Barış Manço - 'Ölüm Allah'ın Emri'
Listen here.

He was like the John Lennon of Anatolia, Turkey. He'd made dozens of records and when he died there were a million people or something at his funeral procession. There were people lining the streets with his portrait. On his birthday, they have a special design on Google Turkey and his name trends on Twitter worldwide.

There are a lot of Turkish people here in Berlin and on German YouTube you tend to find more Turkish channels. I was looking through their oldies channel because I like Eastern musics and a lot of artists from North Africa and when I find something good on a channel then it's worth my time to dig through their crates. I figure it's an anomaly in this day and age if someone had three good records, so if I find someone who's doing something really good then I'm going to check out all of their stuff.

See his visuals, someone who looks like this vampire crusader guy, really over-the-top with these Black Sabbath-looking clothes with the long hair and the beard and I was just like, "Wow!" In the 70s he started recording with some German guys so it's really rocking out.

I really fell in love with this song and I started playing it on this little radio show I have when I DJ. My friend in Sweden got me the actual disc and I then read about him in Mojo and I was like, "I didn't find out about him from you guys! Where did you guys find out about this?" So I was wondering how that went viral.

But he was great and he died while screwing some young chick on the side and he just went out like a legend. But the best thing about this song is the title which I looked up: 'Death Warrant Of God' and that fits right into the puzzle, because he looks so outrageous and the song has this heavy air about it. I translated the lyric and turns out it's all about God signing your death warrant - look out! I think that's so rock, you know?