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Baker's Dozen

Oh L'Amour: Vince Clarke Of Erasure's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , December 19th, 2013 07:43

In a festive special Baker's, Vince Clarke follows Erasure's Snow Globe album by picking out the 13 LPs that mean the most to him


Philip Glass - Glassworks
I got into him in about 1987 or something. If people ask me who I'd like to work with, he's the person I'd like to work with more than anybody. Glassworks is a very accessible album. I used to fall asleep to that record, that was my end of the day relaxation record. I'd leave it on the CD player going round and fall asleep to it, I loved it. Then I started getting interested in the idea of doing music with odd time signatures, and then Martin Ware and I formed a company called Illustrious, and we started doing more music like that. I find it really really soothing, and I'd love to meet the guy, well I'd love not to meet him, but I'd love to work with him. I'm nervous of meeting most people, but him I don't think I would be. I think it would be alright, obviously he does a lot of sequential music but with real instruments and real voices, and I guess he's made the decision not to do it with synthesisers, but I'd be the one trying to persuade him to do it with keyboards.