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Baker's Dozen

Aides-Memoires: Ben UFO Selects 13 Favourite Records
Rory Gibb , December 4th, 2013 05:35

Ahead of Hessle Audio's three-room takeover of Fabric this Friday, the DJ and Hessle Audio co-founder rifles through his record collection and discusses thirteen particular favourites with Rory Gibb


Loefah - 'Rufage'

I remember something [on Dubstep Forum] that was basically a one-sentence explanation of what made Loefah tunes so special, something like "He does everything with nothing". That was a really nice way of putting it, I thought.

The Loefah tune that was obviously the big one for me was 'Rufage' - we named the night after it. That was DMZ number eight, I think, and I'd been buying them as they came out for a little while. It definitely meant a lot to me, that record, but I guess we called the night Ruffage because we thought it sounded good - and we managed to spell it wrong [laughs]. I don't think Loe ever played, which was a shame, but we definitely got a lot of our heroes up, and it gave me and Kev and David the opportunity to play stuff out.

It was definitely good for us that we were in Leeds, because we felt like we could contribute something, we felt like we could start something up. We didn't think of ourselves as doing anything important, because we weren't, really, we were just DJing some tunes - why would we start something up in London when FWD>> and DMZ were around? There wouldn't be any point. Dubstep wasn't present in Leeds in the same way, but there were sound systems, and we all enjoyed DJing, so why wouldn't we start something up?

There were a lot of people involved in running the night, although our friends Jim - who's now part of the Wifey crew in London - and Tom were the real core of the party and the reason it started in the first place. Because it went on for quite a long time, people's roles changed - some new people got involved, some people dropped out, and by the time the night finished we had started the label and David in particular was becoming more well known.