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Baker's Dozen

Spencer Hickman Of Death Waltz Records’ Favourite Horror Soundtracks
Spencer Hickman , October 31st, 2013 05:37

Spencer Hickman founded and runs Death Waltz Records, a label that puts out classic and obscure horror soundtracks in mouthwatering vinyl reissue packages. In a Baker’s Dozen Halloween Special, he chooses his favourite OSTs for us


Suspiria - Director: Dario Argento, Soundtrack: Goblin
Even though it’s really obvious, you can’t have a list like this and leave that out. It would be a crime to leave it out. This score is a tour de force. I don’t think Goblin ever bettered this and I don’t think Argento ever bettered this and it’s a perfect marriage. If you took that score away from that film and put other music in, it wouldn’t be as terrifying as it is. I was talking to Josh Saco [Cigarette Burns Cinema, occasional Quietus film writer] about this and he said, you could put the Suspiria score on to any other film and it would make it a better film and he hit the nail on the head. Argento’s imagery combined with those wailing, screaming and guttural noises. I don’t think anyone else has matched music and visuals together as well as this.