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Teeth Of The Sea: New Album Details
Laurie Tuffrey , August 9th, 2013 10:10

Third album Master to be released in October

In March, we reported that firm Quietus favourites Teeth Of The Sea were readying their third album, and now we've got confirmation: Master, their follow-up to 2010's Your Mercury, will be out on October 7 on Rocket Recordings.

Never ones to go in for half measures (the teaser the band gave us for the earlier post - watch below - should be awarded trailer of the year, and take a look at the photo above; that's how you do a press shot), the text accompanying the announcement puts the album in fittingly astronomical terms: "a shattered mirrorball of a record fit to transform and transfix all that surrounds it in 2013 and beyond".

It also states that the band's soundtrack work - Reaper, the live score to the re-interpretation of Neil Marshall's Doomsday film, debuted at the 2011 Branchage Film Festival in Jersey, and their 2001: A Space Odyssey tribute Beyond The Transfinite, performed at Bestival 2012 - has played a huge role in the sound of the new album, as well as name-checking a few Quietus stereo mainstays, Byetone, Powell, Prurient, as influences. Plus, for the parting shot, they end with, "Kneel for the MASTER".

Head to Rocket's website to pre-order the album; in the meantime, have a look at the tracklisting below with the album trailer following, and stay tuned for further TotS news:

  1. 'Leder'
  2. 'Reaper'
  3. 'The Servant'
  4. 'Blackstrategy'
  5. 'Pleiades Underground/Inexorable Master'
  6. 'Siren Spectre'
    i) Phase 1
    ii) Phase 2
  7. 'Put Me On Your Shoulders So I Can See The Rats'
  8. 'All Human Is Error'
  9. 'Responder'