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Hoody Who

Jodi B's Hoody Who! August's Best Rap YouTubes & Mixtapes
Jodi Burian , September 4th, 2012 03:38

Jodi Burian sifts through mounds of YouTubes & mixtapes and finds a satisfying haul of Sister Act 2, well oiled beefcake in a Pokemon mask and sounds that make her want to dance like G-Style

Sitting in Cornwall last bank holiday weekend where torrential rain and thunderstorms never let up, someone inevitably shouted with the enthusiasm of a child, "Who's up for a surf?" Hmmm... I am from Southern California and the idea of surfing in the freezing English seas does not make me rush to put on the bikini. Maybe I should've gone though because instead of riding the waves I was sitting in my boyfriend's elderly parents' house completing this column. Do you know how nerve-racking it is to try to do research for a hip hop column while elderly grandparent-like folks are walking by, with me paranoid at the thought they will glance at my screen and see me googling "the lyrics for that 'Pussy' song" or watching A$AP Rocky's boobs & drugs galore "Purple Kisses" video? Looking so dodgy sitting in the corner shifty-eyed and jumpy, slamming the laptop screen down every time they walked by…


Killer Mike 'Untitled'

For all those that are equally fans of Italian 16th/17th century biblical paintings and gangster rap, Killer Mike’s video 'Untitled' will be a dream come true. The Atlantan MC bucks all the trends in making a rap video that opts for a highly stylized historical art tableau motif that features fellow MCs Scar and El-P. In Untitled, Killer Mike decided to raid the closets of John The Baptist and Fidel Castro to make one of the most un-clichéd hip-hop videos ever. Who else besides Mr Killer can flaunt baskets of fruit and bibles, and then add a sawed off head on a platter? 'Untitled' is so gangster precisely because it's so Caravaggio. Take notes Riff Raff.

JJ DOOM 'Guv'nor'

Jneiro Jarel and DOOM's 'Guv'nor' debut video seems to be filmed in one take at an abandoned parking garage, seemingly using iMovie to edit the footage. This video is one of my faves because it's such a treat to even see DOOM nowadays. It seems like the DOOMposter has struck again in London at one of Livin' Proof's parties over the bank holiday weekend after the real metal face decided to have a hissy fit about getting paid more money the day of the show. Bad DOOM! This isn't funny anymore, thanks for letting us at least have this lo-budge video though, I'll take any crumbs that fall from the table.

Brother Ali 'Mourning In America'

One of the world's only albino, Muslim rappers (we don't talk about that though) Brother Ali gives us a powerful new politically charged video 'Mourning In America'. With a catchy chorus that rings "Murda, murda/ kill kill kill" Ali explicitly tells us about the US's global involvement in the business of death and destruction. Controversial images of suicide bombers, police brutality, and racial profiling are likely to stir up some contention amongst intolerant Americans and in a few weeks time we should all be brave enough to read the YouTube comments to have an uncomfortable chuckle. Brother Ali who was recently arrested for involvement in the Minneapolis Occupy movements, beautifully and plainly illustrates American injustices and prejudices in an intelligent way. The video doesn't come off as a "jump on the band wagon" anti-USA sermon, but rather hopes for Americans to take a more critical approach to the government and against bigotry. And as a bonus, the dancers in niqabs were brilliant and reminded one viewer of Whoopi's Sister Act 2.

Iggy Azelea 'Murda Bizness'

Iggy Azelea, the LA based via Australia rapper has become more Southern now than Juicy J. I'm not mad at her though, as I recall Joey Ramone sang like a characterture of every English accent rolled into one and nobody got their panties in a twist over that. Anyhow, Iggy has promoted herself from the cunninglingus game and is now in the 'murda bizness' with T.I. The video is an obvious pisstake of pageant moms and likely sparked by the odious Honey Boo Boo star from the US series Toddlers And Tiaras. At first glance, this video is pretty uncomfortable to watch. Seeing little girls hooker'd out and calling them "bad bitches" is pretty unpalatable, but that's the point. Yes, I know it's creepy, but Iggy gives us a moral lesson on the exploitation or 'murda bizness' of pageant girls by highlighting this freaky American subculture. Side note, I kinda like this 'Sharon Stone in Casino' look Iggy has going on, suits her.

Bonus video: Le1f "Wut" This video definitely outshines the song, that's to be expected though. You can't expect people to actually listen to the track when there's a black man with denim hotpants on struttin' around with a greasy beefcake wearing a pokeman mask.


Slaughterhouse On The House

Ahead of Slaughterhouses’s debut album, mixtape guru DJ Drama presents their On The House mixtape. Executively produced by Eminem, this mix is pure, undiluted, hard-hitting hip hop showcasing elite beatsmiths (AraabMuzik, DJ Premier etc.) and MCs (Royce da 5’9, Joe Budden, Freeway & more). It’s unsurprising that the rap forums went wild when this dropped August 19 as you can actually hear that loads of time and genuine effort went into making this tape which is pretty much unheard of these days where less than mediocre mixtapes flood the market (I'm lookin' at you Lil B).

A$AP MOB Lord$ Never Worry

You might thinks this 'hyped' A$AP crew from Harlem would've had enough local influences to bite off of like Biz Markie, Kurtis Blow, Kool Moe Dee etc etc, but these kids obviously prefer that southern syrup. Their new Lord$ Never Worry mixtape blends 90s Memphis and Houston screwy beats with nasty, unadulterated hip hop rhymes. Nearly every song (if you're short on time skip track 2) makes you salivate over the thought of Robitussin and a blunt. Aside from the top guest spot MCs such as Raekwon, Danny Brown, and Jim Jones, it's obviously the other A$AP kids rhyming skills is a work in progress. At some points it feel like someone left the door open to the recording studio and all their mates just jumped on the mic. Though that's what is refreshing about this mixtape – it feels real and unmanufactured. What’s noticeable is they’ve been trawling YouTube checking out old Tommy Wright III and Evil Pimp tapes and taking bits and bobs from the underground horror core. Tight.

Trash Talk 90s Bay Area Rap Mix

Odd Future’s mates Trash Talk, the Californian hardcore band have put together an exceptional mix of the Golden State’s 90s Bay Area rappers. We’re not talking E-40 or even my man Too $hort, but rather they embrace lesser-known names like thizz faced Mac Dre and Spice 1. This is a top-notch mixtape, one of the best I’d say, showcasing what 90s West coast rap was. And those Dr Dre-esque keyboard melodies drive the gangsta beats from Compton to Oakland.

TNGHT The Full Uncensored Mix

TNGHT, producer pals Hudson Mohawke and Lunice put together a dazzling mix for Diplo’s BBC Radio 1 show that they called their Mission Statement Mix. It was first broadcasted in its censored version on Radio 1 last month, and after the switchboard went wild for the uncensored mix, this glorious treat was delivered. The collection is a treasure chest of some of the best present-day MCs and producers out there, which includes everyone from Waka, SpaceGhostPurrp, Big KRIT, Zebra Katz, Snoop + more. Plus, the duo also includes some of their own material. HudMo never truly made me go nuts in the past, but knowing that he put this mix together makes me stroke my chin and go, ‘Ok ok ok!’ A very impressive mix that makes me want to dance like this.