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Baker's Dozen

Diamanda Galás Discusses Her 13 Favourite Albums
The Quietus , August 1st, 2012 06:24

Diamanda Galás plays the one of the opening concerts of Antony Hegarty's Meltdown Festival at London's Southbank Centre tonight. In advance of the performance, she tells us about 13 albums that have been influential on her life and work


Annette Peacock - I'm The One

Another killer voice, and this one was working with electronics in a way I never heard before, funk, horn sections combined in a new way…

Bloodthirsty sister, talking about love in living color… Nice... Mark Dresser, with whom, like Roberto Miranda, I was doing voice and bass duos, played her for me, when I was still performing piano primarily, and I was spellbound.

Shares a vibe with Miles Davis’ On The Corner, but is far more innovative, to my ears, and hit at 1972, which was earlier.

Of course she is a woman, like the great Carla Bley, so, you know... just a freak, right?

Yeah, the witch's club. Women, homos, dykes, call it. Cage it.