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Baker's Dozen

Diamanda Galás Discusses Her 13 Favourite Albums
The Quietus , August 1st, 2012 06:24

Diamanda Galás plays the one of the opening concerts of Antony Hegarty's Meltdown Festival at London's Southbank Centre tonight. In advance of the performance, she tells us about 13 albums that have been influential on her life and work


Ellen McIlwaine - We The People

A huge influence on my early very early blues singing, before I got into experimental work. Just voice and piano. Hendrix was a guest performer with her, and of course nobody knows that, as she is not an ardent self-promoter, just a master of the voice and all guitars. 

She is a bad bitch and I would love to play with her. We exchanged greetings recently, which shows how humble she is, considering that she was one of my teachers.

As critics like to say, "Without X there would be no Y." That is so amusing, but they always fail to mention the one thousand names and sounds of animals and supernatural beasts that are part and parcel of any decent artist.

Nonetheless, an artist owes it to the hard working artists who have influenced her - albeit not those who have merely preceded her, as is my contention with one limited singer, who believes the cockatoo owes her, as well. In that case, I would agree.