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Baker's Dozen

The Favourite Albums Of Cornershop's Tjinder Singh
John Doran , July 10th, 2012 07:01

Celebrate Cornershop's appearance in our mid-year compilations chart with Tjinder Singh's Baker's Dozen


François de Roubaix Anthologie Vol. 1
This album is all instrumentals. He was the son of a film maker. He did the title music for a lot of shows. Most famously as far as we’re concerned I guess is Jacque Cousteau. But he did some really weird, far out stuff as well. He would be the French equivalent to someone like Lee Perry, blowing bubbles, recording elastic bands. He did acoustic music. He did analogue electronic music. He did theme music for cop shows. He did adverts. His music was used a lot by the national TV station of Zaire [now Democratic Republic of Congo] even though he was a very cranky man who lived on his own in Paris and did a lot of his music at home in his flat.