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Baker's Dozen

The Favourite Albums Of Cornershop's Tjinder Singh
John Doran , July 10th, 2012 07:01

Celebrate Cornershop's appearance in our mid-year compilations chart with Tjinder Singh's Baker's Dozen


Tapper Zukie Black Man
It’s amazing this album. I bought it in Action Records in Preston in about 86 and I’ve never seen it since. I’ve seen other albums by Tapper get reissued like MPLA but not this one. That said the vibe on songs like 'Leggo Violence' is exactly the same as the vibe on MPLA. It’s brilliant dub. The production is genius. He is on top of his game at setting things straight. With some dub it can just be phrases or just the odd word here or there but Tapper Zukie is laying down paragraphs and using biblical imagery… it’s good to know that he stopped making music because he thought he was losing his edge. It’s good because he was so unique and he didn’t want to dilute what he’d done.