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Baker's Dozen

The Favourite Albums Of Cornershop's Tjinder Singh
John Doran , July 10th, 2012 07:01

Celebrate Cornershop's appearance in our mid-year compilations chart with Tjinder Singh's Baker's Dozen


Various Artists CB Truckers
We should have made this Baker’s Dozen into an Indian Twelve with no room for mistakes! You won’t be able to find this on the web and I can’t quite remember the exact name of it… I know because I’ve looked for it everywhere and my copy is in storage. I found this in a car boot sale. It’s quite funny because it’s covers of country songs with excerpts of CB radio conversations in between them. I love albums with introductions and spoken word bits. Most of these have them. On this there are a lot of people going on about superslabs and using CB terminology. I wasn’t a fan of Dukes Of Hazard but that flared up around the same time. The fashion had moved on from cassettes to 8-tracks and then the big thing wasn’t music but being able to communicate with people in other cars.