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Baker's Dozen

The Favourite Albums Of Cornershop's Tjinder Singh
John Doran , July 10th, 2012 07:01

Celebrate Cornershop's appearance in our mid-year compilations chart with Tjinder Singh's Baker's Dozen


Lee Hazelwood Requiem For An Almost Lady
‘I Think It's Monday Morning’. Some of these songs... Our drummer had it on cassette and we used to listen to it all the time. There’s one song that ends, “I bet you’re glad… I bet you’re glad… that I never had a gun.” And you just think, “Fucking hell… That’s misogynistic and awful… pretty bad!" But he’s an artist and he lives it and I guess he’s one of those people who had those flaws in his personality. I guess you could say the same thing about Yellowman and these character anomalies. 'Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain)' is a brilliant track on it. Lee’s voice is about as low as I go. His voice and Lee Marvin’s voice are low enough. Any lower like Captain Beefheart or Tom Waits and it’s too much for me. And he had quite a moustache as well.