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Baker's Dozen

Number 13 Baby: Frank Black's Favourite Albums Revealed
Mic Wright , April 26th, 2012 07:10

Mic Wright takes down the details of Frank Black's Baker's Dozen, talking to him about old poetry and skewed authenticity


Baxter Dury - Happy Soup

I was researching Gene Vincent online and that brought me to Ian Dury’s song 'Sweet Gene Vincent'. I was not really familiar with it at that point. I knew his hits and I’d seen him on TV and stuff, but I’d never really connected with his music, though I respect him enormously. I was reading up on him and stumbled onto the fact that he had this son, Baxter Dury, who also does music.

I checked out one song on YouTube and went, ‘Oh this is right up my alley’ and I immediately downloaded the whole record. I’ve probably listened to it 75 times in the past two months. It’s become a very important record to me. There’s a variety of things I like about it. I would say, his personality comes through the music. It’s not pretentious. You just have a sense of who he is.

I love the dry, minimalist production. I like records without too much ambience on the instruments. I associate dry records with The White Album. He also has this lovely rich, lower voice and that great accent. I’m a fan of that accent from when I worked with Eddie Argos and Art Brut. I find it a pleasant tone. For a British person, accents carry baggage, but not for me. It’s all connected to you people and your culture on the island there.