Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives


Iggy Pop – New Values

This is not the sexy sounding Iggy like on Lust For Life. It’s not blown out and swinging all over the place. It’s real dry and angular and square to an almost suffocating degree. It’s strong and Iggy’s poetry is strong. It feels authentic. Once you get over that, it doesn’t sound like it was recorded at the most hip studio and that it’s smaller sounding, you can appreciate the production that is there and the performances that are there. It’s not trying to rip your head off.

Lust For Life had a certain vibe as did The Idiot. They weren’t hi-fi but they packed a wallop. New Values is tight and restrained. It’s not going to fucking cum all over you. There’s no orgasm there. It’s slow methodical masturbation, coming from Iggy who is very Little Richard in his sexuality. [Black impersonates Iggy singing: “I’m not going to go any more, any more, any more."]

There’s honest admission of frailties and the human condition. It is saying, “I am the lamest, I am the shortest." It’s still bravado and fuck you, get out of my way, it’s not just saying I want to fuck you either. He’s trying to say some stuff. It’s not diary rock. When Iggy gets poetic, he’s the best Iggy.

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