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Baker's Dozen

Number 13 Baby: Frank Black's Favourite Albums Revealed
Mic Wright , April 26th, 2012 07:10

Mic Wright takes down the details of Frank Black's Baker's Dozen, talking to him about old poetry and skewed authenticity


Carbon/Silicon – The Last Post

It would be easy to say I’m massively into Big Audio Dynamite - which I am - but it’s like, here’s Mick Jones, holed up in his little London studio, quietly making these records for digital download. He makes these really long songs sometimes. They’re really minimalist records. They have that kind of hi-fi, sampled guitar riff kind of aesthetic that Mick Jones is so well known for. They’re really solid records.

'The News', the opening song on this record is really great and it doesn’t really have any end. It’s like: “You know what, I’m alive and I’m really going to kick it. I got me a little song I’m going to sing.” It’s not trying to be heavy or anything: the sun is shining and everything’s groovy. He gets away with it.

He gets plenty heavy in other songs. He has 11 minute songs and retells sci-fi novels! I just love those Carbon/Silicon records. He’s not shoving it down my throat or trying to have a career. He just knows how to play the guitar really fucking good and his vocals are so great. It’s not about having a great voice, it’s all what the fuck you do with it. His vocals are casual but he chooses to do that. Mick Jones is so fucking casual man. With Mick Jones there’s nuance, you either get it or you don’t.