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The Quietus Presents: ANIKA, Gyratory System, Joseph Coward
The Quietus , January 21st, 2011 13:05

Our first gig of 2011

One of the best records of last year, and one that crept up on the Quietus when we were entirely unawares, was the debut (on Invada/Stones Throw) by Bristol via Berlin artist Anika. We were so taken by her blend of dub, post-punk and strident, Nico-reminiscent vocals that we not only had Anika at No. 21 in our End of 2010 list, but also decided we needed to see her live, post-haste. We're therefore proud to announce that on January 26th we're once again taking over the Lexington on Pentonville Road to put on a live show from Anika & her band. First up, you can buy tickets here, and read Anika's controversial and thought-provoking piece on Bristol's Stoke's Croft here. Finally, listen to Anika on Spotify here or excerpts on Soundcloud below. Check the Quietus next week for a full Anika interview.

Meanwhile, we dropped Anika a few questions to whet your appetites: We've been sorry to hear you've been needing to use a popular cold remedy. What are your tips for staying healthy enough to come and see you play at the end of January 2011? "Stop the over-multitasking, take a lunch hour, don't do over-time. Damn, all the things i appear NOT to be doing. Berlin taught me to unlearn these bad habits but obviously the British ways have crept back in.... I need another stint of Berlin living and pronto."

How was last year for you? "Peaks and Troughs. Berlins and Bristols." What can people at the Lexington concert expect from Anika live? "Hopefully something to think about," says Anika. "It's intention is not to be liked necessarily but to stir the listener into some form of consciousness. WAKE UP!!" That we will. What are your plans for 2012 and what are you most looking forward to in the months to come? "In 2012 I will return to political Journalism/Politics. Saying that I see the music project as a political adventure/awakening anyhow. I read a joke today: Your Tory name: Take away your first name, take away your second name and replace with Nick Clegg. Make of it what you will.

"I had to guttingly turn down a job as chief exec of the broadcast arm for a Berlin based news network today. I don't think I have wept so much in a long time. Luckily it was for a good reason. 2011 is full of lots of adventures. Not the kind you'd find in a 3d Pirates of the Caribbean film perhaps or in an ITV news broadcast. Slightly more believable. Real. Anyway, so moving on... there will be Europe and US tours. I'm really looking forward. I'm in the process of writing the next batch of political poetry that i will try and force into song form."

Anika (INV099) by Invada Records