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Solemates: Glasvegas Man Befriends Fish
Jeremy Allen , December 17th, 2010 11:39

Bonkers behaviour from rocker

Rock ‘n’ Roll is a perilous pursuit as we all know, though it caught Glasvegas frontman James Allan by surprise. Speaking to the Daily Record he recounted his descent into a plaice of madness with a piscatorial preposterousness not seen in popular music since Fish from Marillion said we’re all ‘sugar mice in the rain’ on a concept album about a bed-wetting drunk.

"Along the way, there are certain things that aren't good for you, that catch up with you,” he warned. "I'm not just talking drugs and alcohol or any other cartoon cliches of a rock 'n' roll person. There are other less subtle things that aren't advertised in the rock 'n' roll comic book.”

Like the old taking your goldfish down the pub routine? Speaking about his mysterious disappearance at the time of the Mercury Prize and subsequent sojourn

"The last thing I remember was being given two black goldfish by Denise [Allan, his sister and band manager]. It was my birthday. I took the fish to the zoo and I was singing The Carpenters' (They Long To Be) Close To You to the fish 33 floors up in a Chicago hotel.

"I even took the fish into the bar. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed in my bathrobe with the fish in the tank on my lap, flicking through all the TV channels. God knows what happened after that."