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Gayngs Cover George Michael, More Prince Love
Luke Turner , June 24th, 2010 04:24

Track to be released on 7". Stop sniggering at the back!

Gayngs, tQ's favourite purveyors of smooth for every occasion, are to release a George Michael cover. Gayngs' leader Ryan Olson, currently holed up working on new material in New York, told us "We're doing a George Michael cover, 'One More Try', with Har Mar."

"I'm a George Michael fan for sure, it's hard not to be," Olson added of his love for the sleepy parker. I definitely didn't get into him when he was popular, it was later. But I got into Wham! pretty heavy a few years ago, that shit's amazing. 'Everything She Wants' is the track... badass."

Olson went on to reveal more details of how he hopes the cover will reach our ears: "I'm trying to put out a 7" with the George Michael cover on one side and on the other a Bones Thugs'n'Harmony remix," he explains. "Most reviews of Gayngs or the album seem to reference George Michael so we thought it'd be cute to put it out. when can you hear it? We're not a real band, so there's no rush for us to do anything at all." The cover of 'One More Try' will follow Gayngs' take on Godley & Creme's 'Cry', a highlight of their debut album, Relayted.

Would Gayngs like to to work with Michael? "Maybe he could do a duet with Har Mar, that'd be amazing. Har Mar killed it though, he did a really good job." You know in England George Michael has been arrested stoned in his car? "For real? That makes me life him more. The way he turned getting arrested [for the infamous public toilet incident] into a music video was awesome. He did it but then was like, fuck it, that's my style."

Can we get to talk about when Prince turned up at your gig, just one more time? "Prince was having a great time, and that was enough to make me content forever," Olson says. "He was there at the front of the stage rocking out, with a guitar. Holy shit. It was pretty surreal. That was a pretty good stamp of approval."

You'd want to work with Prince, right? "I would love to get that dude on the slap bass. If I was going to ask him to do anything, that would be what I'd do, but after that we'd probably just want to enjoy ourselves. I'd be sycophantic and tell him how great he is. He knows what the fuck's up. There's something weird clicking with him right now. If he wants to hang out I guess we would. That's an open invite for him to come back. I'm probably not going to be blocking his calls any time soon."

How's this year been for you? You must be pretty made up with the reception Relayted has been getting. "I'm accustomed to making music that 45 people get to check out, so it's totally exciting that so many people are checking out and relating to it. This cake is like pure icing at this point. There's no cake left."

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